Hemp Salad (gf,v): organic greens, avocado, cucumber, tomato, raw hemp seeds,

with a house-made organic vinaigrette    $11/$7

*add turkey breast $1 or $2    


Cherry Salad (gf): organic greens, dried cherries, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds with fresh citrus juices   $11/$7

*add turkey breast $1 or $2   


Apple Pecan Salad (gf): organic greens, apple, pecans, turkey, sesame seeds

with a house-made honey-lemon dressing   $11/$7

Southwest Salad (gf): organic greens, organic corn, organic black beans, tomato, red onion, turkey, sweet

peppers, organic corn chips, with a house-made avocado lime dressing   $11/$7




CJACKS Quiche (gf): served grilled or cold $4.5

Organic Garlic Hummus (gf,v): made in house, served with organic tortilla chips $5 or raw veggies $6


Toasted Bagel (v): sprouted organic wheat bagel with fresh ground peanut butter or cream cheese

served with orange or apple slices   $4.5


Lavender Plate: whipped goat cheese, local raw honey & lavender

served with toasted sourdough and apples   $5.5


Fresh Guacamole (gf,v): made fresh to order and served with organic tortilla chips $6 or raw veggies $7


* We do not recommend our menu to people with severe or life threatening ALLERGIES & our kitchen IS NOT certified gluten free