Served with bread from the local Farm To Market Bakery: Sourdough, Whole Grain, Rye, Gluten Free bread (add $1)



Turkey Pesto: turkey, house made pesto, brie cheese, organic greens, tomato, onion

& house-made olive oil mayo $9/$5


Turkey Cranberry: turkey, house-made cranberry sauce, brie cheese & house made olive oil mayo  $9/$5


Pear & Goat Cheese: turkey, pear, goat cheese, raw mint & fig spread $9/$5


Turkey & Swiss: turkey, swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions, & choice of mayo or pesto made in house  $9/$5


Garden (v): avocado, mushrooms, organic greens, sweet peppers, tomato, onion

& house made pesto $9/$5


Grilled Bagel: sprouted organic wheat bagel, turkey, swiss cheese, organic greens, horseradish

& house-made olive oil mayo $8


The Triple: grilled cheese with swiss, brie & goat cheeses $7/$4




Veggie (v): avocado, tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, organic greens, cilantro, with basil garlic cream cheese or organic house made hummus $8/$4.5


Tuna Salad:  albacore tuna salad & organic greens   $8/$4.5


Cold Turkey: turkey, provolone cheese, tomato, organic greens & house made mayo   $7/$4


Happy Hen: organic egg salad & organic greens  $7/$4


PBH: fresh ground peanut butter & local raw honey $5/$3


* We do not recommend our menu to people with severe or life threatening ALLERGIES & our kitchen IS NOT certified gluten free